EU forest strategy


    The “EU Forestry Strategy” (1998) and the “EU Forest Action Plan” (2006), both of which follow a voluntary approach, aim to improve the coordination of forestry policies by proposing forest related actions to be carried out by the Commission and by Member States. These instruments do not, however, provide a coherent and binding policy framework.

    In 2009, the European Commission therefore assigned a study on “EU policy options for the protection of European forests against harmful impacts” which examined in detail the future challenges for European forests and the forestry sector. It concludes that the challenges ahead ask for a more coherent policy approach to European forest protection and forest management.

    In April 2011, procedures for a new EU Forest Strategy were launched by a joint meeting of Member States and forest stakeholders, while the previous EU Forest Plan is being evaluated. BirdLife is actively working to ensure these processes result in a real improvement of forest governance across the EU.

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