Educating, informing and raising awareness


    Raising awareness

    Throughout the year BirdLife European and Central Asian Partners and the BirdLife Europe team in Brussels produce a wide range of information material including publications, videos and infographics and run awareness raising campaigns to protect biodiversity and the environment.


    By educating children through school visits we raise the awareness of the next generation and at the same time we reach entire families. Young people are invited to participate in activities about biodiversity, such as visits to forest areas and to the countryside. Children also receive educative material such as cartoons, games and web-apps.

    Spring Alive

    Every year our Partners welcome the arrival of spring by organising birdwachting events and other activities open to children and their families. Kids are invited to report the birds they spot on the Spring Alive website.



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    Peter and Jane: a short film about biofuels

    SEO/BirdLife's kid clubs

    Spring Alive

    The Spring Alive project is based on a birdwatching survey. Thanks to children and adults across Europe information about bird migration is collected online, which enables BirdLife to track the arrival of spring every year. Participation is easy and great fun!