Report 2012

Member State Tasks
  • Recommendation on Natura 2000 designation: Priority must be given to strengthen the cohesion of the network and to contrast fragmentation. There is an urgent need to establish corridors in and between Natura 2000 sites. The consequences of fragmentation and the lack of cohesion should be analysed by 2014, so these can be taken into account in the Natura 2000 management plans.
  • Recommendation on Natura 2000 management: It is urgently needed to decide on the procedure to develop management plans, to ensure the legal base of these plans and start making them. Milestone 2014: Management plans of the first phase should be in place.
  • Recommendation on Natura 2000 financing: Besides reorientation of existing funding towards the implementation of Natura 2000, more funding is needed. Reorientation of existing funding sources is not enough, more funding is needed. Especiallly from funds as CAP, Cohesion, etc.
  • Recommendation on species protection: The process to define conservation objectives for the few ‘forgotten’ SPA’s (those who do not overlap with SAC’s) should be initiated immediately so that these remaining sites can also be included in the ongoing process of management planning. Governmental approved conservation objectives for the remaining SPA’s.