Report 2012

Natura 2000 Network

Designation All priority terrestrial sites have been designated as Natura 2000. All proposed IBAs have been declared as SPAs.
Conservation The great majority of Natura 2000 sites remain to this very day unmanaged and without any management plans, though they have acquired a protection status. A few Natura 2000 sites have management plans, yet they are not yet implemented, and risk to become outdated. There is a dire need for management of Natura 2000 sites in order to preserve the habitats and species therein.
Financing Currently some management measures at Natura 2000 sites are being funded by the Ministry for Environment and the Malta Environment and Planning Authority. The great majority of the Natura 2000 sites in Malta however remain unmanaged with no funding dedicated directly to their management. Although the government announced that 3.4 mill. EUR would be made available through rural development funding (EAFRD) for setting up of management plans, this project has to this date not materialised.