Report 2012

Natura 2000 Network

Designation The main progress in Natura 2000 designation was made in 2010, when 42 new SPAs were designated and another 23 were reassessed.

After these additions the SPA/IBA coverage is 72,2%. There is still some progress to be made, namely with the formal designation of SCIs into SACs[1].


Trend: Positive

Positive progress is being made since 2010 regarding the protection status of protected areas. With regards to management plans the progress is very slow.

A few (less than 10) management plans have been completed. However, only 1 has been officially approved. A Common Ministerial Decision has been adopted regarding horizontal measures in all SPAs, but its implementation is pending.


Trend: Negative

There is no specific funding tool for financing Natura 2000 sites. In 2011 the Green Fund (national budget allocated to the environment) was reduced by 95%. Sites with management bodies are funded through the national Operational Programme

Environment (ERDF and Cohesion Fund) and rarely by LIFE or INTERREG. No significant progress on a Prioritised Action Framework has been made.

[1] Much progress is also still needed on marine Natura 2000 designation