Report 2012


Comparison of costs and benefits in Cyprus

Comparison of costs and benefits of investing in nature conservation in Cyprus and available EU funding for Natura 2000


  1. The terrestrial Natura 2000 network covers 28.4% of the total area of Cyprus (the % corresponds to the area of Cyprus where the acquis is applied at present, according to Protocol 10 of the Accession Treaty of Cyprus) and its marine protected areas make up 0.56% of its total territorial waters.

  3. Around 14% of the flora in Cyprus is threatened with extinction. The loss of this free service also leads to a decline in other essential services such as the production of fibre and medicines, regulation of water, air and climate quality, maintenance of soil fertility and cycling of nutrients.

  5. Climate change has already had severe consequences to Cyprus’ water scarcity, desertification, increase frequency in wildfires and forest deterioration. Cyprus will experience further and more severe desertification within the next 100 years due to increasing temperatures and further reduction of precipitation.