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Red-crested Pochard Netta rufina

IUCN Red List history

Year Category
2012 Least Concern
2009 Least Concern
2008 Least Concern
2004 Least Concern
2000 Lower Risk/Least Concern
1994 Lower Risk/Least Concern
1988 Lower Risk/Least Concern

Species attributes

Migratory status full migrant Forest dependency Does not normally occur in forest
Land mass type   Average mass 1118 g


  Estimate Data quality
Extent of Occurrence breeding/resident (km2) 3,060,000 medium
Extent of Occurrence non-breeding (km2) 3,060,000 medium
Number of locations -
Fragmentation -

Population & trend

  Estimate Data quality Derivation Year of estimate
No. of mature individuals poor Estimated 2009
Population trend Unknown -
Number of subpopulations - - -
Largest subpopulation - - -
Generation length (yrs) 7 - - -
Trend justification: The overall population trend is uncertain, as some populations are decreasing, while others are increasing, stable, or have unknown trends (Wetlands International 2006).

Country/Territory distribution

Country/Territory Occurrence status Presence Breeding Non-breeding Passage
Afghanistan Native Extant   Yes Yes
Albania Native Extant      
Algeria Native Extant      
Armenia Native Extant      
Austria Native Extant     Yes
Azerbaijan Native Extant     Yes
Bahrain Vagrant Extant   Yes  
Bangladesh Native Extant   Yes  
Belarus Native Extant   Yes Yes
Belgium Native Extant      
Bhutan Native Extant      
Bosnia and Herzegovina Native Extant      
Bulgaria Native Extant      
China (mainland) Native Extant      
Croatia Native Extant      
Cyprus Native Extant   Yes  
Czech Republic Native Extant     Yes
Denmark Native Extant Yes   Yes
Egypt Native Extant      
Estonia Native Extant Yes    
Finland Vagrant Extant      
France Native Extant     Yes
Georgia Native Extant      
Germany Native Extant     Yes
Greece Native Extant     Yes
Hungary Native Extant     Yes
India Native Extant      
Iran, Islamic Republic of Native Extant   Yes  
Iraq Native Extant      
Ireland Vagrant Extant      
Israel Native Extant      
Italy Native Extant      
Japan Vagrant Extant      
Jordan Native Extant   Yes Yes
Kazakhstan Native Extant Yes    
Kyrgyzstan Native Extant Yes    
Latvia Native Extant      
Lebanon Vagrant Extant   Yes  
Libya Vagrant Extant      
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Native Extant      
Malta Vagrant Extant      
Moldova Native Extant Yes    
Mongolia Native Extant Yes    
Montenegro Native Extant      
Morocco Native Extant      
Myanmar Native Extant      
Nepal Native Extant      
Netherlands Native Extant      
Norway Vagrant Extant      
Oman Vagrant Extant   Yes Yes
Pakistan Native Extant      
Poland Native Extant     Yes
Portugal Native Extant      
Qatar Vagrant Extant      
Romania Native Extant     Yes
Russia (Asian) Native Extant Yes    
Russia (Central Asian) Native Extant Yes    
Russia (European) Native Extant     Yes
Saudi Arabia Vagrant Extant     Yes
Serbia Native Extant      
Slovakia Native Extant      
Slovenia Native Extant   Yes  
Spain Native Extant      
Sri Lanka Vagrant Extant      
Sweden Vagrant Extant      
Switzerland Native Extant      
Syria Native Extant      
Tajikistan Native Extant Yes    
Thailand Vagrant Extant      
Tunisia Vagrant Extant      
Turkey Native Extant      
Turkmenistan Native Extant Yes    
Ukraine Native Extant     Yes
United Arab Emirates Vagrant Extant   Yes  
United Kingdom Introduced Extant      
Uzbekistan Native Extant Yes    

Important Bird Areas where this species has triggered the IBA criteria

Country/Territory IBA Name IBA link
Afghanistan Hamun-i-Puzak site factsheet
Albania Lake Ohrid site factsheet
Austria Neusiedler See site factsheet
Austria Southern Seewinkel and Zitzmannsdorfer Wiesen site factsheet
Azerbaijan Lake Mahmudchala site factsheet
Azerbaijan Lake Sarysu site factsheet
Azerbaijan Sahil settlement - "Shelf" factory site factsheet
Azerbaijan Sangachal Bay site factsheet
Azerbaijan Shahdidi spit site factsheet
Bangladesh Tanguar Haor and Panabeel site factsheet
China (mainland) Aksu River basin site factsheet
China (mainland) Bachu Oasis site factsheet
China (mainland) Bayanbulak and Kaidu River Valley site factsheet
China (mainland) Bosten Lake site factsheet
China (mainland) Cang Shan Er Hai Nature Reserve site factsheet
China (mainland) Hotan Oasis site factsheet
China (mainland) Lower reaches of Tarim River site factsheet
China (mainland) Lugu Hu site factsheet
China (mainland) Oasis, Desert and Wetland at Mosuowan site factsheet
China (mainland) Qiemo Oasis and Qarqan River site factsheet
China (mainland) Ulungur Hu and Jili Hu (Fu Hai) site factsheet
Czech Republic Lednicke rybniky ponds (Lednice fish-ponds) site factsheet
Czech Republic Nove Mlyny middle reservoir site factsheet
Czech Republic Trebonsko (Trebon region) site factsheet
France Camargue site factsheet
France La Dombes site factsheet
France Marais entre Crau et Grand Rhône: Meyranne, Chanoine, Plan de Bourg et Salins du Caban site factsheet
Hungary Lake Fertő site factsheet
India Kaliveli Tank and Yeduyanthittu estuary site factsheet
Iran, Islamic Republic of Amirkelayeh lake site factsheet
Iran, Islamic Republic of Seyed Mohalli, Zarin Kola and Larim Sara site factsheet
Iran, Islamic Republic of South Caspian shore, from Astara to Gomishan site factsheet
Kazakhstan Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve site factsheet
Kazakhstan Kushum Lakes site factsheet
Kazakhstan Lesser Aral Sea site factsheet
Kazakhstan Syrdarya Delta Lakes site factsheet
Kazakhstan Syrdarya Delta Lakes site factsheet
Kyrgyzstan Eastern Issyk Kul Lake site factsheet
Kyrgyzstan Western Issyk Kul Lake site factsheet
Mongolia Airag Lake site factsheet
Mongolia Baga and Bayan Lakes site factsheet
Mongolia Boon Tsagaan Lake site factsheet
Mongolia Khar Us Lake site factsheet
Mongolia Uvs Lake site factsheet
Pakistan Kirthar National Park (including Hub Dam) site factsheet
Portugal Santo André and Sancha lagoons site factsheet
Romania Danube Delta site factsheet
Russia (Asian) Khadyn lake site factsheet
Russia (Central Asian) Chernoye Lake site factsheet
Russia (European) Achikol'skiye lakes site factsheet
Russia (European) Delta of the River Don site factsheet
Russia (European) Karakol'skiye lakes site factsheet
Russia (European) Kazachka site factsheet
Russia (European) Kozinka lake and Baranikovski segment of Manych site factsheet
Russia (European) Lake 'Southern Agrakhan' site factsheet
Russia (European) Lysyi Liman lake and valley of Vostochniy Manych river site factsheet
Russia (European) Manychstroi area site factsheet
Russia (European) Mouth of Yeya river site factsheet
Russia (European) Yeiski salt-lakes site factsheet
Spain Albufera de Valencia marshes site factsheet
Spain Alcázar de San Juan-Quero endorreic lagoons site factsheet
Spain Almenara marshes site factsheet
Spain Ebro delta site factsheet
Spain El Hondo wetland site factsheet
Spain El Moro marshes site factsheet
Spain Pedro Muñoz-Manjavacas endorreic lagoons site factsheet
Spain River Ebro dam site factsheet
Spain Santa Pola salt-pans site factsheet
Spain Tablas de Daimiel marshes; 'Vicario' and 'Gasset' reservoirs and Malagón lakes site factsheet
Spain Tembleque-La Guardia plains site factsheet
Switzerland Lake Neuchâtel: Corcelettes-Vaumarcus site factsheet
Switzerland Lake Neuchâtel: southern shore site factsheet
Tajikistan Tigrovaya Balka Nature Reserve site factsheet
Turkey Akşehir and Eber Lakes site factsheet
Turkey Beyşehir Lake site factsheet
Turkey Burdur Lake site factsheet
Turkey Çavuşçu Lake site factsheet
Turkey Eğirdir Lake site factsheet
Turkey Ereğli Plain site factsheet
Turkey Eşmekaya Marshes site factsheet
Turkey Hirfanlı Reservoir site factsheet
Turkey Hotamış Marshes site factsheet
Turkey Işıklı Lake site factsheet
Turkey Kızılırmak Delta site factsheet
Turkey Köyceğiz Lake site factsheet
Turkey Mogan lake site factsheet
Turkey Sapanca Lake site factsheet
Turkey Sultan Marsh site factsheet
Turkey Yeşilırmak Delta site factsheet
Turkmenistan Ayrakly – Garadzhaovlak site factsheet
Turkmenistan Chokrak-Tutly site factsheet
Turkmenistan Deryatakyr site factsheet
Turkmenistan Garabogaz - Garshy site factsheet
Turkmenistan Jarsay - Khangui site factsheet
Turkmenistan Ketteshor - Ramankol site factsheet
Turkmenistan Saryyazy site factsheet
Turkmenistan Soltandag - Gyzylburun site factsheet
Turkmenistan Soltansanjar - Duyeboyun site factsheet
Turkmenistan Turkmen Bay site factsheet
Turkmenistan Turkmenbashy Bay site factsheet
Turkmenistan Zeyit - Kelif site factsheet
Ukraine Stentsivs'ko-Zhebriyanivs'ki plavni site factsheet
Uzbekistan Achinskoe Lake site factsheet
Uzbekistan Akpetky lakes and surrounding Aralkum Desert site factsheet
Uzbekistan Ayakaghytma lake and surrounding desert site factsheet
Uzbekistan Dengizkul Lake site factsheet
Uzbekistan Karakyr Lakes site factsheet
Uzbekistan Khorezm Fish Farm and adjacent lakes site factsheet
Uzbekistan Northern shore of Aydarkul Lake site factsheet
Uzbekistan Rogatoe Lake site factsheet
Uzbekistan Sudochye Lake site factsheet
Uzbekistan Tudakul and Kuymazar Reservoirs site factsheet
Uzbekistan Zekry Lake site factsheet

Habitats & altitude

Habitat (level 1) Habitat (level 2) Importance Occurrence
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Freshwater Lakes (over 8ha) major breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Freshwater Lakes (over 8ha) major non-breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Rivers/Streams/Creeks (includes waterfalls) suitable breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Rivers/Streams/Creeks (includes waterfalls) suitable non-breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Saline, Brackish or Alkaline Lakes suitable breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Saline, Brackish or Alkaline Lakes suitable non-breeding
Altitude 0 - 0 m Occasional altitudinal limits  


Purpose Primary form used Life stage used Source Scale Level Timing
Pets Whole Adults and juveniles Wild Subsistence, National Non-trivial Recent
Food (human) Whole Adults and juveniles Wild Subsistence, National Non-trivial Recent
Pets Whole Adults and juveniles Wild International Non-trivial Recent
Sport Whole Adults and juveniles Wild Subsistence, National Non-trivial Recent

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2014) Species factsheet: Netta rufina. Downloaded from on 18/04/2014. Recommended citation for factsheets for more than one species: BirdLife International (2014) IUCN Red List for birds. Downloaded from on 18/04/2014.

This information is based upon, and updates, the information published in BirdLife International (2000) Threatened birds of the world. Barcelona and Cambridge, UK: Lynx Edicions and BirdLife International, BirdLife International (2004) Threatened birds of the world 2004 CD-ROM and BirdLife International (2008) Threatened birds of the world 2008 CD-ROM. These sources provide the information for species accounts for the birds on the IUCN Red List.

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Key facts
Current IUCN Red List category Least Concern
Family Anatidae (Ducks, geese and swans)
Species name author (Pallas, 1773)
Population size mature individuals
Population trend Unknown
Distribution size (breeding/resident) 3,060,000 km2
Country endemic? No
Links to further information
- Summary information on this species