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Country/Territory = Cameroon;
Criteria = A2
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Country/Territory Site Name IBA Criteria Final Code
Cameroon Bakossi mountains A1, A2, A3 CM022
Cameroon Bali-Ngemba Forest Reserve A1, A2, A3 CM016
Cameroon Banyang Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary A1, A2, A3 CM017
Cameroon Campo Ma'an complex A1, A2, A3 CM031
Cameroon Dja Faunal Reserve A1, A2, A3 CM029
Cameroon Korup National Park A1, A2, A3 CM019
Cameroon Lobéké National Park A1, A2, A3 CM033
Cameroon Mbam Djerem National Park A1, A2, A3 CM015
Cameroon Mbam Minkom - Kala A1, A2, A3 CM028
Cameroon Mbi Crater Faunal Reserve - Mbingo forest A1, A2, A3 CM013
Cameroon Mont Bana A1, A2, A3 CM020
Cameroon Mont Manengouba A1, A2, A3 CM021
Cameroon Mont Nlonako A1, A2, A3 CM023
Cameroon Mount Cameroon and Mokoko-Onge A1, A2, A3 CM027
Cameroon Mount Kupe A1, A2, A3 CM025
Cameroon Mount Mbam A1, A2, A3 CM014
Cameroon Mount Oku A1, A2, A3 CM012
Cameroon Mount Rata and Rumpi Hills Forest Reserve A1, A2, A3 CM024
Cameroon Ngaoundaba Ranch A1, A2, A3 CM010
Cameroon Njinsing - Tabenken A1, A2, A3 CM011
Cameroon Nki A1, A2, A3 CM032
Cameroon Tchabal-Mbabo A1, A2, A3 CM009
Cameroon Yabassi A1, A2, A3 CM026