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Country/Territory = Taiwan (China);
Criteria = A2
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Country/Territory Site Name IBA Criteria Final Code
Taiwan (China) Chuyanshan Nature Reserve A2, A3 TW033
Taiwan (China) Hapen and Fushan A2, A3 TW005
Taiwan (China) Lanyu A2 TW039
Taiwan (China) Middle Section of Coastal Mountain Range A1, A2, A3 TW041
Taiwan (China) Nengdan A2, A3 TW020
Taiwan (China) North Section of the Hsueshan Mt. Range A2, A3 TW008
Taiwan (China) Ruiyan A2, A3 TW019
Taiwan (China) Sanping A2, A3 TW032
Taiwan (China) Shei-pa National Park A2, A3 TW010
Taiwan (China) Shihmen Reservoir A1, A2, A3 TW007
Taiwan (China) Tahsuehshan, Hsuehshankeng and Wushihkeng A2, A3 TW012
Taiwan (China) Taroko National Park A1, A2, A3 TW044
Taiwan (China) Tawushan Nature Reserve and Hsuangkuei Lake A1, A2, A3 TW036
Taiwan (China) Upstream Section of Peikang River A2, A3 TW018
Taiwan (China) Yuli Wildlife Refuge A1, A2, A3 TW042
Taiwan (China) Yushan National Park A2, A3 TW034