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Country/Territory = Taiwan (China);
Criteria = A1
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Country/Territory Site Name IBA Criteria Final Code
Taiwan (China) Aogu Wetlands A1, A4i, A4iii TW021
Taiwan (China) Beimen A1 TW025
Taiwan (China) Budai Wetlands A1, A4i TW023
Taiwan (China) Chihben Wetlands A1 TW040
Taiwan (China) Chiku A1, A4i TW027
Taiwan (China) Chu'an A1 TW047
Taiwan (China) Cie Ding Wetland A1, A4i TW054
Taiwan (China) Dapingding and Hsutsuo Harbor A1, A4i TW006
Taiwan (China) Hanbao Wetlands A1, A4i TW014
Taiwan (China) Hsinchu City Coastal Area A1, A4i TW009
Taiwan (China) Hualien River Estuary A1 TW043
Taiwan (China) Huben A1 TW017
Taiwan (China) Kaomei Wetlands A1, A4i TW011
Taiwan (China) Kaoping River A1, A4i TW037
Taiwan (China) Kenting National Park A1, A4iv TW038
Taiwan (China) Kinmen National Park A1, A4i TW048
Taiwan (China) Lanyang River Estuary A1, A4i TW046
Taiwan (China) Litzechien A1 TW045
Taiwan (China) Matsu (Mazu) Islands Tern Refuge A1, A4i TW053
Taiwan (China) Middle Section of Coastal Mountain Range A1, A2, A3 TW041
Taiwan (China) Pohtzi River Estuary A1, A4i TW022
Taiwan (China) Qieding Wetland, Kaohsiung City A1, A4i
Taiwan (China) Shihmen Reservoir A1, A2, A3 TW007
Taiwan (China) Sitsao Wildlife Refuge A1, A4i, A4iii TW029
Taiwan (China) Tacheng Wetlands A1, A4i TW016
Taiwan (China) Taroko National Park A1, A2, A3 TW044
Taiwan (China) Tatu Rivermouth Wildlife Refuge A1, A4i TW013
Taiwan (China) Tawushan Nature Reserve and Hsuangkuei Lake A1, A2, A3 TW036
Taiwan (China) Watzuwei Nature Reserve A1, A4i TW002
Taiwan (China) Yellow Butterfly Valley A1 TW031
Taiwan (China) Yieliu A1, A4i TW001
Taiwan (China) Yuli Wildlife Refuge A1, A2, A3 TW042