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Country/Territory = Nicaragua;
Criteria = A2
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Country/Territory Site Name IBA Criteria Final Code
Nicaragua Arenal Hill A1, A2 NI017
Nicaragua Bluefields Bay and adjacent landscape A1, A2 NI028
Nicaragua Bosawas A1, A2, A3 NI024
Nicaragua Datanlí-El Diablo Hill A1, A2 NI016
Nicaragua Dipilto-Jalapa Mountain Range A1, A2, A3 NI013
Nicaragua Domitila A2, A3 NI011
Nicaragua El Jaguar A1, A2, A3 NI015
Nicaragua Indio Maíz A1, A2, A3 NI032
Nicaragua Los Guatuzos A1, A2, A3 NI023
Nicaragua Maderas Volcano A2, A3 NI012
Nicaragua Miraflor A1, A2, A3 NI014
Nicaragua Mombacho Volcano A1, A2, A3 NI010
Nicaragua Momotombo Volcanic Complex A2, A3 NI005
Nicaragua Prinzapolka/Alamikamba Rivers A1, A2, A3 NI026
Nicaragua San Cristóbal-Casita-Chonco Volcanic Complex A2, A3 NI004
Nicaragua Tisma Lagoon A2, A3, A4i, A4iii NI009
Nicaragua Wawashan A1, A2 NI027
Nicaragua Wetlands of Northern Lake Managua A2 NI006