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Country/Territory Site Name IBA Criteria Final Code
Liberia Cape Mount A3, A4i LR005
Liberia Cestos - Senkwen A1, A2, A3 LR007
Liberia Grebo A1, A2, A3 LR009
Liberia Lofa-Gola-Mano Complex A1, A2, A3 LR003
Liberia Nimba mountains (part of Mount Nimba transboundary AZE) A1, A2, A3 LR004
Liberia Sapo National Park A1, A2, A3 LR008
Liberia Wologizi mountains A1, A2, A3 LR001
Liberia Wonegizi mountains A1, A2, A3 LR002
Liberia Zwedru A1, A2, A3 LR006