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Citizen science (WorldBirds)

Every year, large numbers of people around the world get involved in conservation as volunteers, providing valuable additonal resources and conservation knowledge to organisations such as those in the BirdLife Partnership.  Citizen Science ranges from highly structured and formalised survey work to provision of ad hoc bird observations from a holiday or local patch.

If you would like to get involved in official survey work (from garden bird watches to Common Bird Monitoring) within a country, please contact the relevant BirdLife Partner.

For anyone who goes birding, in whatever capacity, your observations are of great use to conservation organisations.  The WorldBirds project, a joint initiative between BirdLife International, the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK) and Audubon (BirdLife in the USA), aims to collect birdwatcher records for conservation use, as well as to provide a way to store and manage your data and find out what others have seen.  Some of the WorldBirds installations are developed independently within a country, while others are based on a system that has been rolled out to countries without their own home-grown solution.

Click on the WorldBirds link above or the area of the world you're interested in below to link through to the relevant WorldBirds system.

All data are useful to us, so please consider contributing.  Thanks!

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