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Juan Fernández Islands
Country/Territory Chile
Area 180 
Altitude 0 - 1,300m  
Priority urgent 
Habitat loss severe 
Knowledge good 

General characteristics 

The Juan Fern

Restricted-range species 

Sephanoides fernandensis is a bird of forest on both Robinson Crusoe (nominate race) and Alejandro Selkirk (race leyboldi), but is believed extinct on the latter island where it has not been recorded since 1908 (Brooke 1987, Meza 1989). Aphrastura masafuerae is confined to the Dicksonia externa fern-forests of Alejandro Selkirk (Brooke 1988, Hahn and R

Species IUCN Category
Juan Fernandez Firecrown (Sephanoides fernandensis)  CR 
Juan Fernandez Tit-tyrant (Anairetes fernandezianus)  NT 
Masafuera Rayadito (Aphrastura masafuerae)  CR 

Important Bird Areas (IBAs)

IBA Code Site Name Country
CL043  Isla Alejandro Selkirk (Parque Nacional Archipiélago de Juan Fernández, Isla Alejandro Selkirk IBA)  Chile 
CL044  Parque Nacional Archipiélago de Juan Fernández: Islas Robinson Crusoe and Santa Clara  Chile 

Threats and conservation 

The flora and fauna of the Juan Fern

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