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Rio Araguaia (secondary area)
Country/Territory Brazil
Habitat loss

General characteristics 

This area includes the lower and middle region of the Araguaia river in Brazil, from Araguatins in northern Tocantins south to Bananal Island, the largest river island in the world, formed between the Araguaia and the Bra

Species IUCN Category
Bananal Antbird (Cercomacra ferdinandi)  VU 

Important Bird Areas (IBAs)

IBA Code Site Name Country
BR046  São Pedro da Água Branca  Brazil 
BR047  Monumento Natural das Árvores Fossilizadas e Adjacências  Brazil 
BR050  Parque Estadual do Cantão  Brazil 
BR051  Matas Ciliares do Rio do Coco e Afluentes  Brazil 
BR077  Interflúvio dos Rios das Mortes e Araguaia  Brazil 

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