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Lesotho highlands
Country/Territory Lesotho,South Africa
Area 30,000 
Altitude 1,000 - 3,000m  
Priority high 
Habitat loss moderate 
Knowledge incomplete 

General characteristics 

The highlands as defined here include the higher mountains of the Drakensberg and Maluti ranges in Lesotho and the adjacent parts of the South African provinces of the eastern Cape, Natal and Orange Free State (see p.

Restricted-range species 

The restricted-range species are all widespread and locally common within the EBA (Osborne and Tigar 1992). They breed in open alpine grassland, rocky slopes and Afromontane scrub above c.2,000

Species IUCN Category
Drakensberg Rockjumper (Chaetops aurantius)  LC 
Mountain Pipit (Anthus hoeschi)  LC 
Drakensberg Siskin (Serinus symonsi)  LC 

Important Bird Areas (IBAs)

IBA Code Site Name Country
LS001  Liqobong  Lesotho 
LS002  Upper Senqu River  Lesotho 
LS003  Mafika - Lisiu  Lesotho 
LS004  Sehonghong and Matebeng  Lesotho 
LS005  Sehlabathebe National Park  Lesotho 
LS006  Upper Quthing Valley  Lesotho 
ZA036  Golden Gate Highlands National Park  South Africa 
ZA048  UKhahlamba Drakensberg Park  South Africa 
ZA062  Matatiele Nature Reserve  South Africa 

Threats and conservation 

Parts of the EBA are densely populated and subject to overgrazing and uncontrolled burning. The various developments associated with the Lesotho Highlands Water Scheme, including its dams, roads and new settlements will also lead to increased disturbance (D.

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