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New Caledonia (to France)

State of the world's birds case studies

Introduction: The importance of birds to biodiversity
Response: What can be done to improve the status of birds


  • Spaggiari, J., Chartendrault, V. and Barré, N. (2007) Zones importantes pour la conservations des oiseaux de Nouvelle-Calédonie [Important Bird Areas of New Caledonia]. Nouméa: Société Calédonienne d’Ornithologie and Birdlife International. [In French].

Recommended Citation:
BirdLife International (2014) Country profile: New Caledonia (to France). Available from: Checked: 2014-04-20

New Caledonia (to France) at a glance





BirdLife Partner

Société Calédonienne d'Ornithologie (Affiliate)


Total number of birds 124
Globally threatened birds 15
Country endemics 24

Important Bird Areas

Number of IBAs 32
Total IBA area 370,577 ha

Endemic Bird Areas

Number of EBAs 1