"He was intrigued, too, by the documentary makers themselves, two intrepid Englishwomen Cindy Buxton and Annie Price, who lived in small hut on the island for months" i actually do remember that particular documentary - i was impressed, too! my recent blog post reflects that fascination: "It’s still dark at 5 am when the alarm on my mobile phone wakes me up in a spacious guest house room in Chikhaldara (Maharashtra, central India)… morning after morning after morning… I am getting tired, but the reason behind it was one rare bird – so rare that I have traveled 6000 kilometers to search tropical dry deciduous forests of the Satpura range just to look for the endemic and critically endangered Forest Owlet (Heteroglaux blewitti). This species was discovered (shot, actually) in the 19th century, only to be lost through the entire 20th century. http://10000birds.com/the-search-for-the-rarest-owl-of-india.htm
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