BirdLife International has a positive relationship with CEMEX through which we have an appreciation of CEMEX’s genuine, albeit developing, commitment to biodiversity conservation at the local and national level. This last year the BirdLife secretariat has helped broker several site-focused project partnerships between Partners and CEMEX operations, Mexico being one example highlighted in the story. We plan to build on these developments and intend to continue supporting BirdLife Partners and indeed other interested NGOs, in developing new meaningful collaborations that benefit biodiversity and business. It is important to recognise that sponsorship or donor applications for funds for bird conservation, without the benefit of presenting a business driver, may well not be successful with many companies. BirdLife’s approach is based on the need to develop strategic partnerships that develop benefits for both company and NGO. This is an important difference. We also recognise that such an approach can take a long time to develop the outcomes we are seeking.
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