You fail to mention the impact of over fishing and badly designed wind power generators. The dismissal of these culprits is killing birds as i write. Allthough wind power most definitely has a place in todays world, I find it deeply shocking that, whilst bird safe designs exist on the market (radar, automatic shutdown, horizontal blades etc) they are apparently not yet mandatory. The impending results will be irreversible and cost us the annihilation of such precious biodiverity whilst the enourmous budgets destined for windpower easily could cover such modification to the systems. The staggering amount of multinationals wanting to better a questionalble reputation and image on the environmental front and their investment frenzy must be guided towards a sustainable and birdsafe venture. entire ecosysyems are at stake both over sea and land, since both birds and generators rely on the windiest places on earth. Please stand up for these modifications to th generators to become compulsary so that windpower takes its rightful place under energies labeled sustainable and no further excuses can be argued against it but also to safeguard our majestic wildlife with its indespensable ecosystem. Members of your scientific community are needed to make this point heard and enforced. Please do not underestimate these two factors are taking a serious toll on our natural legacy.
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