Martjan, Well done on locating the place where the film was taken.Important that we have a timeline from the habitat from then to present. I would expect this bird to go extinct before the ivory bill due to range and ease of finding and as mentioned the deliberate killing.The fact Rhein saw an IvoryBill in Florida in 59 is the most important thing.Its pretty obvious birds were breeding in the panhandle,and from 59 until present plenty of forest remained,logging had fell off and trophy hunting stopped.If IvoryBills do persist (i think its probable,just)then the panhandle must at the least of been/is the last stronghold. The main point i always think is the idea the singer tract was the only place left,yet Khun saw 3 birds miles from the singer flying away from it.Plus over 20 fledgelings left the tract over 7 years.They dispersed somewhere,but where?.
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