The loss of these two birds on Guadeloupe is disturbing..what is even more tragic is the wide range of species shot there...not just shorebirds. Here on Barbados we are slowly making headway and changing the time entrenched attitudes of wildfowlers. I am the President of the Barbados National Trust...we welcome initiatives such as that by BirdLife International which led to the creation of a sanctuary at Woodbourne in the south of the island, under the able management of Wayne Burke. I personally would wish to see at least two more such sanctuaries created, in the east and north of Barbados. I am happy to report however that as a result of on going discussions by concerned parties, whimbrels, godwits and red knots are no longer shot here. I and others are working to influence shooters to reduce their annual take of shorebirds which at the present moment is too large.
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