Lake Natron Soda ash extraction is a second mega-project after Serengeti Highway with obvious negative effects on biodiversity. A while ago we heard President Kikwete making a lot of pre-statements on Serengeti Highway and to his amusement and as a Tanzanian sovereign leader he managed to get away with it. After setting disturbances to 2 million gnus and zebras now he is trying to do the same to 2.5 million lesser flamingos under the umbrella of economic development. It seems as if he knows nothing to whether Serengeti and Lake Natron have profoundly added a lot to Tanzanian economy without the proposed highway and without soda ash project. A country might have the so called sovereign power to do whatever it might within its borders....this is right, but he must remember that the serengeti migration is transboundary and the same applies to the lesser flamingoes in Natron. Since he forced the serengeti thing to happen then i am afraid he'll do the same with Natron. He takes no alternatives and for this the international community should take action against him. Sanctions might do it fairly well.
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