Thanks for posting on my bird lesser flamingos. I belongs to PORBANDAR GUJARAT INDIA.Since 1969 I am photographing and observing LESSER FLAMINGO WITHIN PORBANDAR TOWN. PORBANDAR COULD BE WORLD ONLY URBAN LOCATION WHERE at small water body ( 4 sq.KM.)on the back side of SODA AS FACTORY Lesser flamingos congregate in thousand(in 1996 I count about 4500 at one place,) and one can watch them in COURTSHIP Plumage and COURTSHIP MARCH. THIS IS ONLY BECAUSE OF THEIR MAIN FOOD GREEN ALGAE PRODUCE BY DISCHARGE OF HIGHLY SALINE WATER EFFLUENT IN THIS WATER BODY.LESSER FLAMINGOS BREEDS IN LITTLE RUN NEAR DASADA.GUJARAT JUST 300 KM FROM THIS POINT.
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