Hi So if the Dakatcha Woodlands were to be converted to maize production to fulfill national food security concerns or needs, I presume RSPB (BirdLife in the UK), ActionAid and Nature Kenya would have no problem? It really gets me irritated by statements or publications like the one being announced in this release damming biofuels as they are not 'green'. What is RSPB (BirdLife in the UK), ActionAid and Nature Kenya position about the 8m ha of rubber grown globally (and increasing at an average of 120,000 ha a year) which is predominately used for car tyres or the 2.5m ha of tea (you know that essential part of Europe's diet)? It would seem logical to assume you have problems with using a plant based fuel, but have no problem using a plant based product to roll your car along the road? Industrial crop production is the sector to blame (and investigate and regulate) not just one particular plant or plant use. If I understand your argument right, it's that the proponents of biofuels are saying they are green but you have shown them to be wrong? They are therefore lying. So it's the public relations part of the biofuel proponents that's the problem? If they didn't try to portray biofuel as 'green' then presumably you'd have no problem with biofuels? Is this why you don't campaign against Goodyear or Pirelli as they never say their tyres are green or sustainably produced? Or Lipton as they never say their tea is 'green' or sustaianble produced? Rex
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