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Hi Tobias thanks for your report. This really helps us build up a clearer picture of these birds apparently now wintering in Oman. In addition to your report we have received several others since this story went live last Friday. We now know at least sixty Sociable Lapwings were present in the Salalah area from mid-November 2010. From Daniel's original report we learned at least 90 were at Jarziz farm on December 25th 2010. Jens Erikson (<a href="http://www.birdsoman.com" rel="nofollow">www.birdsoman.com</a>) has passed on a report from Swedish birder, Magnus Ullman, advising that exactly 100 birds were counted in the Jarziz flock, several weeks earlier on December 4th 2010. Sorry Daniel this trumps your 90 as the new Oman record! And – perhaps most exciting of all - is news just in from Nils Abrahamson confirming that 16 Sociable Lapwings were still present last week, on February 11th 2011. Thanks to all contributors. Remember you can follow this evolving story on <a href="http://www.birdlife.org/sociable-lapwing" rel="nofollow">The Amazing Journey</a> website or sign up for <a href="http://www.birdlife.org/sociable-lapwing/get-email-alerts/" rel="nofollow">email alerts</a> which will advise you automatically whenever we post further news about the Sociable Lapwings’ migration and conservation. Regards Jim Lawrence
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