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Hi Alan, Thanks for your offer of help. In the past volunteers have joined our scientists working on the breeding grounds and their contribution has been extremely valuable. Four to six places are available each year and those with appropriate credentials and 6 - 10 weeks spare are welcome to apply. Plans are already advanced for this breeding season but I'm sure opportunities for volunteers in future years are still wide open. Anyone interested can <a href="mailto:jim.lawrence@birdlife.org" rel="nofollow">email me directly</a> and I'll forward them details of who to apply to. Regarding money vs. capable help - capable help is valuable but money to pay for the still unfunded, yet vital work already planned is essential! Thanks to those responding with online donations which you can make <a href="http://www.justgiving.com/save-the-spoon-billed-sandpiper" rel="nofollow">here</a>. Jim
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