All it takes is for you humans to evolve. But you won't do that, and my kin and I will go extinct, and you will forget we ever existed. Or you will remember, but selfishly use guilt to flog yourselves, and get pleasure from that, because you all worship religions of self-flogging. But you won't give up flying in planes. You won't give up driving any time you feel like it. You won't give up consuming products from way outside where you live. You won't give up the idea that the only important thing on earth is you having more human babies. You don't care about our babies except as a passing thought. You would never devote your lives to OUR babies, only to your own. You won't give up your worship of money. You won't live with seasons as they are--your houses always have to be 68 in the summer and 72 in the winter. You want nothing but comfort. "Where are the people who should know better"? Tell me, M. Andrus, where the food comes from to feed your domestic house cat. Tell me what its fossil energy footprint is. So don't go blaming others for what you are doing to me, my kin, and all of us avian maniraptor descendants who are finding you humans far more destructive than the Chicxulub event. Blame yourselves for refusing to change, and using words and ideas as a way to lie about what you're doing. Blame yourselves, each one of you, and look at your life, and then look me in my wise grey eye and tell me you care about birds. We birds know many truths, and one of them is: you humans care about nothing but yourselves. The worst of you are the ones who fly around the planet on planes, claiming you're on "eco tours."
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