Here is a response I wrote in 2007. I am not an engineer, but I don't think it takes much smarts to figure out that biofuels are bad for the planet. Why haven't the 'experts' figured it out yet? From the moment I heard about ethanol made from grain I thought, "How stupid!!" We are already using too much land and water for irrigation to produce the never ceasing demand for meat, and now even more to produce "eco-fuel". And to think of all the people these crops could feed instead of being burned in an engine. Totally unethical!! Unbelieveable!!!! I certainly hope that there aren't many environmentalists speaking in favour of ethanol over petroleum. I also do not agree with hybrids because I wonder how all the old batteries will be disposed of? How much additional fuel will be required to haul around the additionaly weight of all the batteries? Perhaps programs need to be in place to give tax credits to people who drive very little, or to those who carpool, or use public transit, or drive fuel efficient cars. However, proper and convenient transit options need to be available before people can be "punished" for driving their vehicles. We live in a rural area and there is no public transit we can use. I like how New York City seems to deal with part of the problem of keeping people from driving private cars - SUPER high parking prices (as high as $16.99 plus tax for 20 minutes near the UN building) and not selling gasoline in Manhattan. But then there is the problem of a zillion taxis. I don't know how clean they run, but NYC still is very smoggy. There are definitely options yet to be thought of and looked into. Lets hope that world leaders (especially Bush) will keep their minds open and their scientists working!!
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