Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone (FOESL) ia a national branch of Friends of the Earth International (FOEI). Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone has been creating awareness and protection as well as working to improve the living conditions of our society.FOESL is actively working on campaigns,programme and projects at Local, National and International levels.As an environmental organisation we focus on Water, Food Sovereignty, Forests, Climate Justice and Energy,Gender and Children,Waste Management,etc. The problem here today is that 50% to 70% of our solid waste are deposited into the streams and then entering into the ocean which is damaging our Birdlife and Marine Life.My organisation has held several meeting with officials to put stop to this action but they are not taking it seriously. I would be very gratefully if we can establish partnership to tun campaigns on this issue. I am requesting that you send me list of your publications for our LIBRARY (Michael Simpson Library)I look forward to your perusal reply. SOLIDARITY. Olatunde Johnson,Executive Director. Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone. P.M.BAG 950, 33 Robert Street. Freetiwn,Sierra Leone.
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