Dear Nick et al, There are currently nine endemic bird species found in the montane xeric areas of northern Somalia (Somaliland), it would be great to see this initiative include this neglected part of Africa. In addition to the endemics listed below, northern Somalia could hold previously unknown colonies of several species and there may be even be important migratory stopovers there. Native trees in the region are currently suffering from heavy cutting for firewood. In as much as I admire Birdlife's work, I feel they have turned a blind eye to this part and soon nine more species might be added to the list of extinct birds. Columba oliviae Somali Pigeon Turdus ludoviciae Somali Thrush Heteromirafra archeri Archer's Lark Carduelis johannis Warsangli Linnet Alaemon hamertoni Lesser Hoopoe-Lark Mirafra somalica Somali Lark Hakim Abdi
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