Dear friends and colleagues, When this bied was described from fossils, it was thought to be extinct. The locals at The southwestern dry forest knew of its existence, but it still was unknown to science. The "rediscovery" was based on vocalizations and, eventual collecting and its status remained critical due to the ollution caused by the oil refineries in southwestwern Puerto Rico. Insects, the main prey for the nightjar were virtually absent in the dry forest. The end of the petrochemical industry resulted in the rebirth of the dry forest and eventual recovery of the PR Nightjar. The species is fairly common and dispersing along the south of the Island. Its critical status is more from potential habitat destruction and the, highly improbable, return of heavy chemical industry. In my opinion, the PR Nightjar is in the road to recovery and, in the future will be in the same status as the Antillean Nighthawk. Yes, it´s an amazing bird, but it´s more than, simply, just that.
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