I am not an activist but a concerned individual that worries what huge impacts this will have on the future of our bird's and the hole it will leave on our web of life? I think people need to relax on the demands of oil/fuel thats being taken for granted and the effort need's to be towards trying to help the needs of the wildlife that is being impacted on our future especially by those individuals that do take oil use for granted. Please Put aside all differences, don't avoid it and ignore it, and stop arguing and do something about it now before realization sets in when they don't return to migrate again and they all disappear forever. This is important for everyone's future and all living things including your families and future of your children. I'm not a preacher but as an example, money was not needed for building an ark years ago to sustain the survival then for all living things, we can do something if we all pull together in this to help sustain our wildlife today. This may be a sign of somekind towards humanity and the effort for change and what it really means to you and your family's future.
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