Save the Danube - 'The Amazon of Europe'- from destruction!

By BirdLife Europe, Fri, 16/03/2012 - 12:36

The "Kopački Rit", Croatia, Danube’s most valuable and best preserved floodplain system along the Croatian – Serbian border is threatened with destruction. The Natural Park "Kopački Rit", is recognised as a Ramsar site for being a major natural floodplain of International Importance and is the core zone of the Transboundary Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube”, the so called 'Amazon of Europe', candidate to an inscription to the World Natural Heritage List of the UNESCO.

A major project from the Croatian Water Management Authorities to channel the River in this unique and natural area is currently in the final stage of decision. If the project becomes reality, the Danube will be transformed into little more than a regulated canal. Thus, the dynamic exchange of water between the river and its floodplain will stop and the unique wetlands will dry out with fatal consequences for wildlife: The Kopački Rit hosts 300 different bird species that will be put under threat and the White-tailed Eagle, and threatened species such as Little Tern, Black Stork and Ship Sturgeon would be in severe danger of local extinction. National Conservation NGOS, of which DOPPS/ BirdLife in Slovenia is one of them, have come out with a "save the Amazon of Europe" petition to Mirela Holy, the Croatian Minister for Nature and Environment and Nature Protection, asking her to immediately halt this project.

Help us saving the unique nature of the Danube and sign the petition to the Minister now! Here

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I would have signed the Petition if I could have kept it on the screen long enough to read it in full, just kept disappearing

I've signed the petition and added to the front page of the UK400 Club website, I urge everyone to make the effort to add your name.

I fully support the saving of this great natural wild area for future generations of people-destroying things is easy , making and preserving them is the hard but worthwhile bit :-)

This is insane and how far will this countries greed go, There is nothing more important than keeping our waterways as they are or do things to improve them not make them vanish.

This is the common good - so, protect it for all of us, please

Corporations don't care about habitat & clean water - as long as they've enough to sell us.

I have just signed the petition and support this important initiative! Have sailed on the Danube in Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest! Thank you.

As a member I hope that Birdlife International will take a vigourous action against this mad plan, lobbyng at european level. No more distruction of wetland and river, please!!! regards, Fabio

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