Support the protection of Ulcinj Salina, Montenegro: sign the petition!

By BirdLife Europe, Wed, 15/02/2012 - 08:16

Ulcinj Salina is an important Important Bird Area (IBA) on the Adriatic flyway in Montenegro. The whole area belongs to a private salt company of which its owner now announced plans to convert 15 km2 of basins from salt production into a touristic development complex with hotels and golf terrains. Contrary to the expectations, the Government of Montenegro has given its approval for implementing this plan. 

Ulcinj Salina is one of the most important sites for migrating birds, and is a major nesting, wintering and roosting site on the East coast of the Adriatic. It is also very important for other fauna in Montenegro. More than a quarter of the bird species in the country are nesting there, and it provides services to numerous endangered species of fishes, amphibians, reptiles and birds, such as Dalmatian Pelicans or Spotted Redshanks.

What is particularly interesting is that Salina, one of the first private protected areas in Europe, is a very successful example of symbiosis between an economic exploitation of space and bird habitat. The Center for the Protection and the Research of Birds of Montenegro (CZIP) launched an online petition to create awareness for this problem and to call upon individuals, organisations and institutions from all around the globe to act.

BirdLife Europe strongly believes that Ulcinj Salina should remain a protected nature area, and invites everybody to sign the petition here http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/protection-of-ulcinj-salina-eng/, and to share the information with their contacts.

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Ulcinj Salina MUST remain a protected nature area. Eco-tourism is the answer -- minimal damage/destruction of the landscape, maximal protection for the bird species. Have the courage, Montenegro, to do the right thing.

Please stop the destruction of nature. Without habitat there is no life!

Thank you BirdLife for stepping in at last. I hope members will read this and sign the petition. The saltpans (salina means saltpans) provide a vital wetland habitat for hundreds of thousands of birds each year. They cannot and must not be lost.

Ulcinj Salina could be a major draw for ecotourism with visitors from all around the globe. Please don't spoil this magical site with a "Resort" which will be used only for part of the year. Ecotourism can be an all year round benefit to local communities who will not gain anything from a large scale development where all the profits will go out of Montenegro. Please think again

Without habitat,there is no wildlife, its as simple as that....!!!!!

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