PAOC 13 - Call for Abstracts

By Venancia.Ndoo, Thu, 19/01/2012 - 11:00
The PAOC Committee invites all participants to submit abstracts for the PAOC 13. Abstracts need to be submitted (English/French) by 1 March 2012. The form for submitting abstracts can be viewed here. View the new PAOC website.
We ask that those wishing to describe projects at an early stage of development or research plans opt to present posters, leaving the limited time for oral presentations (15 minutes + 5) for those with substantial results already.
Format for Abstracts
Title: Authors: full names and surnames (speaker underlined) Affiliation: Email address: Abstract body: max 300 words Keywords: max 5 Suggested symposium or research theme: Preference oral presentation or poster:




am very much interested in submitting my Symposium advice me on further instruction on this.am based in Zambia,Africa. Regards

I am interested to submit abstract in symposium. Can I do it now ?

All submissions of abstracts should go to Colleen Downs (Downs@ukzn.ac.za) whilst all requests for information on the PAOC should go to Damian Bell (damian@olea-tz.com)

i am interested in attending this symposium please advise. thanks

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