Only known film of Presumed Extinct Imperial Woodpecker shows behaviour of world's largest woodpecker

By Adrian Long, Thu, 27/10/2011 - 09:25
Image-stabilized 15-second clip of the female climbing.   Image-stabilized 9-second clip of female Imperial Woodpecker foraging.   Original 85-second clip of a female Imperial Woodpecker.  


What an amazing trip back in time, sadly it's all to common! Will we ever learn once it's gone it's lost forever!

The scale of the bird is discernable just against the pine trees. She's amazing. I am saddened that in just a few years before my lifetime she's gone. We must instill in our children a love of Nature learned by going out in it and experiencing it firsthand, to combat the greed that fuels our species' destructiveness!

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