Speaker of Ugandan Parliament Launches a drive to Save the Crane

By Venancia.Ndoo, Fri, 05/10/2012 - 07:34

As part of the activities to mark 50 years of independence, the Parliament of Uganda launched a fundraising drive to save the Crested Crane, Uganda's national symbol which is under threat. NatureUganda was identified as one of the institutions engaged in conservation of the Crested Crane and called upon to participate in this Charity Walk. The proceeds of the Charity Walk will be used to support the conservation of the Grey Crowned Crane (Crested Crane).

Crowned Cranes are known to breed in swamps but a combination of increasing human population and improved agricultural techniques is leading people to drain swamps often to grow rice in eastern Uganda, dairy farming and vegetable cultivation in south western Uganda. Eastern and south-western Uganda are the major critical areas for the survival of the Crane. The Speaker, Ms Rebecca Kadaga expressed the need for contributions of all kind to fund the conservation and preservation of the Crested Crane. NatureUganda develops and implements a range of programme activities aimed at the conservation of Sites and Species. The Grey Crowned Crane is one the species that NatureUganda aims to conserve. This is being done under the Cranes and Wetlands Conservation Project. Read more on the crested Crane: http://www.natureuganda.org/the_crested_crane.php

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Hi Achilles and team, It is great that Ugandan Parliament can take time to address a conservation issue targeting birds!!!! For a bird that has had a steep climb on the IUCN Redlist to Endangered, this gesture is encouraging. I hope the interest will translate into policies that address the drivers of the species decline. Well done!

Great work Nature Uganda. The Crested Crane shall never die with such efforts.

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