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General Enquiries:

CEPF RIT Manager
Liz Smith
Cambridge, UK

BirdLife International, Wellbrook Court, Girton Road, Cambridge, CB3 0NA, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1223 279878 Fax: +44 (0)1223 277200
Email: liz.smith@birdlife.org


Regional Programme Officers:

CEPF RIT Project Officer for Middle East
Sharif Jbour
Amman, Jordan

BirdLife International – Middle East Division
Building 6, Salameh Al Maa’yta Street, Khalda, P.O.Box 2295, Amman 11953, Jordan
Tel: +962 (0)6 554 8173| Fax: +962 (0)6 554 8172
Email: Sharif.Jbour@birdlife.org


CEPF RIT Project Officer for the Balkans
Borut Rubinic
Ljubljana, Slovenia

DOPPS - BirdLife Slovenia
p.p. 2990, Tržaška 2, SI - 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Email: borut.rubinic@dopps.si


CEPF RIT Programme Officer for North Africa
Awatef Abiadh
Rochefort, France

LPO – BirdLife France
LPO - Fonderies Royales, 8-10 rue du Docteur Pujos, B.P. 90263, 17305 ROCHEFORT CEDEX, France
Tel. +21671929075 Mobile +21623245082
Email: CEPF-Med-NAfrica@birdlife.org


Any complaints can be made to the CEPF RIT Manager at liz.smith@birdlife.org. Other grievances should be made to Richard Grimmett, Director of Conservation at BirdLife International on richard.grimmett@birdlife.org, who should respond to grievances in writing within 15 working days of receipt. Claims should be filed, included in project monitoring, and a copy of the grievance should be provided to the CEPF Secretariat. If the claimant is not satisfied with the response, the grievance may be submitted to the CEPF Executive Director at cepfexecutive@conservation.org or by mail to: Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Conservation International, Attn: Executive Director, 2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500, Arlington, VA 22202, USA. CEPF will respond within 15 calendar days of receipt, and claims will be filed and included in project monitoring.



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