Stop illegal bird killing

Together we can stop illegal killing
hobby shot illegally by hunter malta april 2013 david tipling


Bird migration is one of nature’s wonders.  Tragically, every year millions of birds are slaughtered during their journeys: unlawfully shot, trapped or glued and destined to an agonising death. 

We can stop this massacre but we need your help. Please donate now to fund our work. 


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BirdLife International is on the frontline of the battle against illegal bird killing and we need you to join us today. 

In 2015 we published the first scientific study to quantify the true extent of the killing throughout the Mediterranean region. The horrific headline of The Killing Report was that more than 25 million birds are illegally slaughtered there each year. 

With the help of thousands of loyal supporters, we have already secured some of the vital funds necessary to tackle illegal killing in key hotspots that the report identified. Work is already underway in the Famagusta area in Cyprus, the Menbej-Tishreen Dam area in Syria and the El Manzala area in Egypt. Staggeringly, in each of these places, more than half a million birds are being illegally slaughtered every year. 

Our birds deserve safer flyways. To tackle these threats, conservation efforts need to be scaled up at the worst locations we have identified, coupled with effective and well-coordinated local, regional and national advocacy.

We know the extent of the problem. We are taking action already. But we need to increase the pressure now. Please join us. We are the power of many and together we can stop illegal bird killing - forever.

Explore our story map to find out the motivations, methods and countries where illegal killing occurs.