National commitments fall short of action needed to safeguard nature

Yosemite National Park © Vincent Lock

In 2010, the world agreed to a bold and ambitious agenda to address the decline in global biodiversity. The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011–2020 and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets (The Aichi Targets) set out challenges for the global community to meet by 2020.

With four years left, five of the world’s largest conservation NGOs (Birdlife International, Conservation International, The RSPB, The Nature Conservancy and WWF) came together to produce an assessment to highlight national and regional progress and ambition to date.

While there is evidence of positive progress on a number of the targets, the overall picture is poor, with inadequate progress to date in most countries, and weak levels of future ambition. Based on the current trajectory, the world will not meet the Aichi Targets.

Concerned by these findings, we call on CBD Parties to:

• Be bold and raise the ambition of their national targets,

• Intensify progress on implementation,

• Increase support and resources to low-income countries to translate ambition into implementation,

• Take responsibility for global ambition,

• Ensure accurate and regular reporting.

Download the assessment report here. To learn more about the performance of individual countries, you can download a set of maps presenting progress and ambition for each Aichi Target.