Help us save forests

Around 40% of Earth’s protective forest cover is already lost forever. You can help.




We have discovered that over 60% of all bird species require forests, and following our global audit of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, more than a quarter of the most threatened sites are forests. Without radical changes little forest habitat will survive to the end of this century.

In Madagascar, Tsitongambarika Forest is biologically extraordinary. Recent discoveries by BirdLife and others have included more than a dozen plant and animal species new to science, including frogs, lizards and snakes. It also holds most of the bird species found in all of Madagascar’s rainforests, and is home to four species of large lemur. In a country with legendary biodiversity and where deforestation continues at an alarming pace, it is absolutely vital to protect.

Tsitongambarika Forest is just one of 165 globally important forests that the BirdLife Partnership is fighting hard to save from destruction. These are our Emerald Forests, because each one is a precious jewel in need of saving.  At each site we work with local communities to protect the forest using our tried and tested long-term conservation plans. This approach has been working successfully in Tsitongambarika Forest for the past 13 years, and it is something we quickly need to replicate at other threatened sites worldwide.


Please help BirdLife by supporting our Emerald Forest Appeal so we can better protect endangered sites (like Tsitongambarika Forest) and species around the globe. 

Your contribution will allow us to scale up our work to protect threatened sites and species around the globe, and provide a brighter future to the birds, nature and local people found there.