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Migration special: why the long trip south gets longer every year
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Going South features the following stories:

  • Migration marathons: One in five bird species do it. Check out seven intrepid voyagers that we feel go the extra mile
  • Ortolan off the menu: Blinded, fattened and drowned in brandy. After a ten-year battle, France could finally have eaten the last of this gruesome cuisine 
  • An artist on migration: Printmakers and painters travel to wintering grounds create stunning works that capture the magic of migration
  • We need to talk about vultures: They're so ugly they're beautful, they're waste disposal superheroes, and they need our help
  • Deforested by decree: We uncover a scandal of shocking proportions in Brazil, where a protected area the size of Denmark risks being destroyed in the name of economic growth
  • And much more!


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