Sri Lanka - Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL)

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Founded in 1976
600 members
Staff: 4
Department of Zoology, University of Colombo, Colombo, LK, 03


Key Activities

  • Important Bird areas programme - Phase II
  • National Bird ringing Programme
  • Studies on Ecology and Distribution of some selected Endemic bird species
  • Studies on Ecological evaluation of Wetland avifauna
  • Post tsunami rehabilitation programme
  • Environment Education programme
  • Product development Programme for “Bird Friendly Hotels”
  • “Fog Kids” programme for children

Recent Achievements

  • Completed IBA phase I. Based on the results of this phase, 70 sites were proposed as IBAs in Sri Lanka. Phase II of the project was launched in October 2004. Biodiversity surveys in the proposed IBAs are in progress
  • Launched National Bird Ringing Programme with collaboration of Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC). Staff of DWC and members of FOGSL are trained as a part of this programme
  • Completed studies on the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie and Sri Lanka Spot Winged Thrush. Ecology, behavioral aspects and distribution in Sri Lanka were studied
  • Started long term study on Ecological evaluation of Wetland avifauna in Annaiwilundawa IBA (a Ramsar site)
  • Launched Post Tsunami rehabilitation Programme in Hambanthota District. Five schools, which receive tsunami-affected students, were selected to improve infrastructure facilities. Libraries, Information technology laboratories and sanitation facilities were developed. Special Environment Education programme and Information technology training programme are planned for next five years for students and teachers of these schools
  • Launched ‘Fog Kids’ programme. This programme is for children under 14 years. Environment educational activities, field excursions and art classes are involved with this programme
  • Continued to expand membership. Lecture series, Field excursions and field workshops are organised for members
  • Continued links with private sector for participation in conservation. Corporate membership has been increased to 17 in recent years. Continued training programmes on environmental education and a bird-friendly concept for the staff of nine Bird Friendly hotels
  • Implementing Continuous Environment education programme for 20 selected schools in Colombo district. Raised Environment awareness with mobile exhibition on bird conservation and workshops in several parts of the country

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