Hong Kong (China) - Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS)

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Founded in 1957
1500 members
Staff: 5
Castle Peak Rd, HK

address: 7C, V Ga Building 532 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok

Mission of the organisation

  • To facilitate and encourage the study of birds in Hong Kong
  • To provide information and assistance to all, whether visitors to Hong Kong or residents, who are interested in birds
  • To collate and publish from time to time the field records of all birdwatchers in Hong Kong
  • To publish and keep up to date a checklist of the birds of Hong Kong
  • To assist in the enforcement of the law relating to the protection of birds in Hong Kong
  • To maintain a library of books on birds
  • To exchange information among members and with ornithological societies in other countries
  • To promote the conservation of birds and their habitats in Hong Kong and Asia

Key Activities


  • To present HKBWS views on local development plans
  • To provide professional comments to the government on conservation action, birds and habitat protection
  • International representation in BirdLife International and Oriental Bird Club
  • Involvement in Asia Red Data Book and Important Bird Area compilation
  • Campaign for the conservation work of Mai Po since 1979
  • Founder of Hong Kong Big Bird Race, annual fund-raising activity for wildlife and habitat conservation of WWFHK


  • The Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Waterfowl Monitoring programme
  • Review of Hong Kong bird record
  • Publication of annual Hong Kong Bird Report and maintain a checklist of birds of Hong Kong
  • Wintering ecology of Black-faced Spoonbill
  • Bird monitoring at Long Valley
  • Breeding bird survey at Tai Po Kau Forest Reserve


  • Promoting bird watching as an extracurricular activity among secondary schools
  • Weekend birdwatching outings to various bird habitats in Hong Kong
  • Organize birdwatching tours in mainland China
  • Slide shows, talks and lectures on birdwatching and nature conservation


Recent Achievements

  • Organised a major campaign to save Long Valley, the last remaining piece of land representative of the once-extensive flood plains in north-western Hong Kong. The campaign was successful resulting in the redirection of a railway line in a tunnel underneath the site
  • Raised public awareness of conservation issues through a programme of lectures and courses in collaboration with other environmental groups
  • With government funding, produced a popular photographic guide to the birds of Deep Bay, a Ramsar wetland site, and continued to survey the site
  • Organised lectures and field trips for country park rangers to increase their knowledge of birds, and began preparation of the first birdwatching guide to a country park
  • Participated actively in development of an international wetland centre to be built as one of the government's millennium projects, the first significant ecotourism project by the Hong Kong Government
  • Restored an important marsh in Shuen Wan, which had been illegally filled in by reckless "developers". This restoration was possible thanks to strong support from the Hong Kong Planning Department to secure access to the site
  • Revised the publication of the Avifauna of Hong Kong Birds and organised input into the Asian Red Data Book project
  • Advocacy work resulted in the Hong Kong Government managing several selected wetland habitats according to conservation objectives
  • Contributed to a Ramsar-related education programme with significant press coverage and raising of public conservation awareness about the importance of wetlands
  • With Hong Kong Government funding, began bird survey work at the Ramsar site of Inner Deep Bay
  • Collected information for the Asian Red Data Book

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