Chinese Taiwan – Chinese Wild Bird Federation (CWBF)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1988
Members: 10000
Staff: 7
1F, No. 3, Lane 36 Jing-Long St., Taipei, TW, 116


Mission of the organisation

  • Observation, research, and conservation of wild bird ecology
  • Promoting environmental awareness to the public through various actions
  • Involvement in a variety of conservation activities
  • Publication of bird research and relevant information
  • Raising the conservation image of Chinese Taiwan by actively participating in international conservation issues

Key Activities

  • Important Bird Area project
  • Promoting the legislation of conservation laws and regulations for comprehensive habitat protection
  • Red Data Book Project
  • Targeting of certain species to strengthen conservation efforts
  • Monitoring threatened and endangered species
  • CITES Project
  • Monitoring migratory bird species in forests from Northeast to Southeast Asia
  • Monitoring the bird population, and selecting indicator species
  • Publishing and updating the birding information in Chinese Taiwan  (in both Chinese and English)
  • Continued support of "World Bird Count" activities
  • Enhancing public involvement in conservation activities
  • Expanding the membership of local bird societies
  • Enhancing the organizational development of local bird societies
  • Strengthening the interaction between society members
  • E-bird (a series of educational campaigns and activities to raise the conservation awareness of the public globally)

Recent Achievements

  • Co-ordinated 's input into the Black-faced Spoonbill project
  • Held four workshops on the IBA project  which identified around 60 candidate IBAs
  • Continued work on Chinese Taiwan contribution to the Asian Red Data Book
  • Completed identification of IBAs with 52 sites designated
  • Hosted an international IBA conference attended by more than 20 BirdLife Partners
  • Organised, through the Wild Bird Society of Taipei, the first international birdwatching fair in Taipei, under the banner "Care for the birds and people". Around 60,000 people attended, making it one of the largest birdwatching events in the world
  • Contributed binoculars to FOGSL (BirdLife in Sri Lanka), fundraised for the Save Brazil's Atlantic Forest campaign and South Asia IBA project, and hosted an international workshop on the conservation of Black-faced Spoonbill, in collaboration with BirdLife and other organisations
  • Following successful promotional work by CWBF, the Chinese Taiwan Government now officially lists "Birdwatching and Conservation" as one of the major themes for the millennium celebrations