Indonesia’s threatened bird stamp series launched

By Burung.Indonesia, Mon, 16/07/2012 - 09:22

Burung Indonesia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and PT. Pos Indonesia,  launched "Indonesia’s Threatened Bird Species" stamp series at the Botanical Garden on Sunday 15 July to celebrate the diversity of Indonesian birds.  The four bird species illustrated on the stamps are Flores Hawk-eagle Nisaetus floris, Invisible Rail Habroptila wallacii, Siau Scops-owl Otus siaoensis, and Elegant Sunbird Aethopyga duyvenbodei.

The stamps celebrate the diversity of Indonesian birds.

At the launch the First Day Cover (FDC) stamp series were signed by the Head Directorate General of Forest Protection And Nature Conservation, Ministry of Forestry and by the Chairwoman of BirdLife Indonesia Association (BurungIndonesia). The stamp series has been printed both as a mini-sheet (50,000 copies) and a full-sheet (300 thousand sheets). "Through the stamp series, society’s appreciation of the conservation of birds and their habitats will increase," said Ani Mardiastuti, the Chairwoman of BirdLife Indonesia Association (Burung Indonesia) "The stamps are an effective and efficient media tool to reach all levels of society throughout the country" said Ani. In her speech Ani stated there was further reason for celebration over the weekend as July 15 was Burung Indonesia’s 10th birthday.  



How can one get a plate of the the bird stamps? I am a former journalist in Indonesia and collect both Indonesian stamps and would be happy to subscribe to an Indonesian publication on birds or wildlife..

I've always liked it when a country uses postage stamps as a means for advancing some worthy cause, such as helping to protect endangered birds. I'm a collector of <a href="http://www.biistamp.com" rel="nofollow">Polish stamps</a> and Poland does the same thing on occasion.

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