This website was developed by BirdLife International as part of the project Climate Change Impacts on the Conservation of Birds in Asia, which was supported by the MacArthur Foundation. The website was designed to share the methodologies used in the project to gather data on biodiversity and to model species distributions in the Eastern Himalaya and Lower Mekong regions, for possible replication in other biologically rich areas of Asia. It also aims to provide information on relevant international conventions and national climate change policies, and to raise awareness of the mitigation and adaptive measures that will be needed in the future to protect biodiversity and human livelihoods.

The Asia Climate Change Toolkit links to many sources of information on climate change in Asia and other parts of the world. It has a particular focus on sources of data on the distribution of birds and other biodiversity in the region, to enable the compilation of datasets suitable for climate change modelling. It can be used by ordinary people looking for information on climate change and its impacts, as well as experts seeking scientific information.

Click here to view Resources                             Click here to view information                           generated over the course of                             on international conventions,                           our climate change project.                                national climate change policies                                                                                                          and climate change adaptation.

This website has been created with financial support provided by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to the project, Climate Change Impacts on the         Conservation of Birds in Asia.

* The map shows the Asia region as defined by BirdLife International, which extends from Pakistan to Indonesia (excluding Irian Jaya), and northwards to China, Mongolia and Russia east of the Yenisey River.

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