Preventing Extinctions - Americas

Hooded Grebe Photo: Dario Podestà
Hooded Grebe Photo: Dario Podestà

The Americas are a huge landmass stretching from inside the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego in southern Chile.  A distance of several thousand kilometres.

South America is the ‘bird continent’; with more species than anywhere else on earth. The extensive lowland forests and the Andean mountain chain have led to the evolution of a wealth of bird species.

Whilst much habitat remains, the same threats that are present around the world are impacting on Americas birds.

Of the 4,346 bird species recorded in the Americas, 559 are considered threatened; 87 bird species are categorised as Critically Endangered, in imminent danger of extinction.

Many species once thought of as common are also disappearing. Although still numerous, these losses need to be tackled now. The BirdLife Partnership is well placed to halt these declines. Working across the continent at a local level, we bring the right people together to do what is needed, where it needed most.

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