Neotropical Mangrove Conservation Alliance

Mangroves. Photo: Laura Perdomo

The Neotropical Mangrove Conservation Alliance (“Mangrove Alliance”) is a region-wide conservation initiative of 13 BirdLife Partners and other organisations that aims to conserve, restore and manage mangrove ecosystems sustainably throughout the Neotropics.

Mangroves are one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. Because of the niche they occupy -between land and sea- they generate many benefits for species, and adjacent ecosystems, as well as for people. The benefits are particularly significant to local coastal communities that subsist on natural resources provided by mangroves.

Mangroves provide a home and refuge to a wide variety of animals including birds, mammals and insects. They also shelter numerous types of fish, molluscs, crabs and shrimps, many of which are important as food sources for local communities. Importantly, they act as a natural protective shield against strong waves, high winds and extreme storms and they hold large amounts of carbon reserves. They therefore play a key role in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Despite their importance, mangroves are among the most threatened ecosystems in the world: between 1980 and 2010, their global extent was reduced by more than 30%. With about 40,000 km2, the Americas support around 30% of the world’s remaining mangroves. 


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